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Core Modules


For all virtual teams meetings are a corner stone for success. This module highlights the best practices of teleconferencing.

Learn about:

  • hard- & software requirements
  • physical space
  • preperations
  • facilitating a virtual meeting
  • documentation & follow up


The performance of a virtual group depends on basic aspects of teamwork and team management.

Know more about:

  • virtual kanban / task backlogs
  • realtime chat room apps
  • online collaboration tools
  • decision making tools, patterns and tips
  • remote co-creation


Trust is the backbone of every highly effective team. Learn how to build trust in a virtual group by using bonding tools and rituals.

Get deeper into:

  • rituals and team events
  • virtual stewardship
  • remote celebrations
  • conflict resolution
  • virtual team building


In order to achieve the goals a virtual team has it needs constant process improvements based on the successes and more so the failures.

Become an expert in:

  • remote retrospectives
  • distributed knowledge management
  • team culture development
  • virtual open space
  • learning culture

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Building blocks of our online course

We are touching these topics in every module


Values, priciples and practices needed for a successfull virtual team.


Set of important capabilities to be part in a virtual team setting.​


Modern online tools and applications make virtual work possible.​


Notebooks, microphones, headphones but also the physical space.​

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About us

Sven Latzel

Hello, my name is Sven. I’m an organizational developer and agile coach working mainly with virtual teams and remote setups.

The focus of my work is on the people and their relationship with each other. Especially in a virtual environment this is crucial.

Hi, I am Arne. Mostly I work as a trainer and coach for agile self-organization and I have a lot of practical experience facilitating remote teams myself.

I am also trained in learning psychology and certified for brain friendly learning.


The principles and practices of this course are inspired by